Dear David (A Letter to My Friends-With-Benefit)

My dearest FWB, and in all honesty, I’m not a bit ashamed or guilty about our relationship. I really appreciate how we established our relationship as just friends-with-benefits and nothing else. Unlike all my past hook ups, I’m not left hoping for more and being disappointed in the end. There’s respect that I found between us compared to the the guys I wanted to pursue a relationship with, ironically.

I would be lying if I said I never thought of being in a relationship with you; however, our initial agreements instantly pushes those thoughts away and keeps me from being hurt. I do still wonder what made you swipe right to me on Tinder. I might’ve asked you that before, but I forgot.

I’m not in love with you. Trust me on that, but I can’t help being curious when you tell me about new girls you’re interested in. I wish you’d show me a picture of these girls so I’m not left wondering if I’m prettier than them or not. You do know every time you mention a girl, it kind of takes a toll on my self esteem. Might just be a pride thing.

Anyways, ever since you left to teach in Korea, I haven’t had sex with any other guys. I just can’t seem to find another FWB that interests me enough. First time I saw you, I was shocked how much you were my type. I got pretty intimidated to be honest, but you were a down-to-earth guy and we had really good conversations. I definitely had pretty interesting time when we sneakily did it for the first time on a quiet staircase in an isolated building at the university. I can’t believe our first time having sex was already that daring. I have to let you know though, you really have to work on that kiss.

I remember when I told you I contracted chlamydia, and you were worried about it for a bit, and then was cool afterwards. You didn’t judge me and still decided to continue our relationship after it was cured. I was a bit pissed when you didn’t get tested right away though because I really wanted to know who I got it from. You were last on my list, so I wasn’t surprised when you said you were clean after you did finally get tested a month later.

When you come back from Korea, will we still be FB? I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if we no longer were, but you will be a chapter that I will be reluctant to close. I guess that’s the fate of this relationship though. It’s meant to end one way or another.

Well, have a blast in Korea. Don’t knock anyone up. And have a safe flight back to Canada.