The Man Who Flew To Another Country For A Girl And Was Rejected

This story began on Instagram, when this random dude slid into my DM. After creeping his page, I decided right away that he wasn’t my type; however, I did entertain him and replied. I mean, answering his question of “where you from?” doesn’t really take that much effort, but I was not interested at all in our conversation; however, he was persistent. And I mean it when I say PERSISTENT. If I didn’t reply on instagram, he would message me on snapchat, and if I didn’t open his snaps right away, he would text me. I should’ve seen the red flags right then and there. However, his persistence got to me, and it made me notice him.

One night, I jokingly suggested he come to Canada for my birthday, but he ended up taking that joke seriously and a couple days later, he bought a ticket for the next month (not for my bday though). I was a little taken aback. I didn’t think he would actually travel from San Francisco to Canada just to see me, and not gonna lie, I was pretty touched since no guy has ever put that much effort for me. So, I began to be a lot more affectionate towards him after that because I was grateful. But that was when it went all wrong. He wanted to Facetime every night, constantly texting me, etc. And at that point, his “persistence” became an annoyance. I realize that that these actions could be taken as something sweet, but because I wasn’t attracted to him, that wasn’t the case. Even my friends thought he was too needy. Moreover, every time we Facetimed he would talk about sex and what he wanted to do sexually. Now that shit turns me off. Like when he said he wanted to cum inside me WITHOUT A CONDOM when I already told him I wasn’t comfortable with the idea, but he kept insisting because he “probably won’t be able to hold it in” since he likes me so much. Ugh. Gross.

Anyways, I didn’t even want to have sex with him because I wasn’t attracted; however, I felt like because he bought the plane ticket, I was all of the sudden obligated to do whatever he wanted, and he reinforced that feeling as well. One conversation that made me lose all my respect for him was when I brought up the idea of not having sex at all, and he actually told me, “well you’re just going to have to reimburse me for my ticket“. HAHA. Asshole. To him, sex was the deal breaker which he kept denying when I pointed it out. I regretted ever feeling any fondness over the guy. So after that, I just didn’t put effort in replying or being affectionate, like I would even call myself a bitch with the way I treated him just so he would lose feelings and give up on me. And I actually told him, straight up, that I didn’t like him romantically. But he deluded himself with the idea that once we see each other in person, my feelings would instantly change.

D-Day came, and I was suppose to pick him up from the airport which I cancelled on him last minute because I knew his uncle was there to meet him as well and really, I would just be wasting gas. To be honest, I just didn’t want to meet him at all, but I felt bad because after all, he did fly out to Canada to see me. So, I still agreed to meet up with him later that day. I told him to invite his cousins to watch a movie with us since I really didn’t want to be alone with him. So, I went to pick them up, and he looked EXACTLY how I thought he would and was only an inch taller than me. Subconsciously, I wished he looked better than I thought then maybe he would’ve had a chance (yes, I am a shallow bitch). Anyways, so before we went to the movies, we all had a drink at a restaurant because apparently he doesn’t go to movies sober. At the restaurant, he made attempts to touch my leg which he did, but I would quickly move my leg out of his touch. And he never attempted after that. At the movies which by the way, we all paid individually, he texted me if he could hold my hand. My obvious answer? No. He didn’t really try anything else at the movies because his cousin was sitting right beside him, thank goodness. They invited me back to his relatives’ place where he was staying during his visit for another round of drinks, but I politely declined.

The morning after, we got into a huge argument over text that basically had me pulling the I-Have-A-Boyfriend card because I just couldn’t stand him anymore. He then he told me he hated me and implied I was a bitch with  “you’re a …“. Like, the fuck? He might as well just spelled it out. I did expect him to get angry though so I wasn’t surprised. But, after he raged at me, he still wanted hang out, and more for appearance sakes because he told everyone that he was coming to Canada for a girl which he shouldn’t have done because now he dug himself a hole, but no way was I going to be alone with a guy who just straight up told me he hated me. There’s no telling what he would do. A desperate man is a dangerous man. I told him that it wouldn’t make sense to see each other again, and that is how I rejected a guy who flew from another country just to see me.


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