He’s in the FriendZone, but Am I Starting To Like Him?

There’s a guy I’ve recently been hanging out with due to our love for eating. We’ll call him Michael. So, Michael and I have been eating together at restaurants a lot this month. He would usually invite me for to go out and eat. Although I’m a broke-ass student, I hate to refuse an invite to eat out, plus I like hanging out with Michael because he’s one of my only guy friends. I’ve never really had one before, so I find this friendship pretty special. He’s a sweet guy with a lot of consideration. Husband-material, really. I’ve never been so comfortable around a guy, like the time we went to watch a movie and then ate wings after. I ate wings with my fingers. Saucy, honey garlic wings. If you don’t get the picture yet, I was messy. That’s something I would never show to a guy unless I’m really comfortable with him. So why haven’t I asked him to be my boyfriend yet if he’s such a potential? Good question.

If you don’t know what the friendzone is, well, you don’t want to be in it. The friendzone is really hard to get out of. A guy lands himself in the friendzone for many things. I friendzoned Michael because he’s not my type. Appearance-wise. Yes, it’s a shallow reason, but it’s an important factor for me. If I’m not physically attracted to a person, it’s really difficult for me to like them romantically; however, I’m starting to doubt myself. The more I hang out with him, I end up thinking about our fun times together at the end of the day. His personality is really winning me over. Not only that, but he’s got a rich, RICH, background. Someone who can afford to stay at a 6-star hotel for a week, has his own beach cottage, three limited-edition luxury cars, you get the point. I’m not a gold digger, but that puts me at awe. Like I said I’m no gold digger, and so even with such affluence, I can’t see myself with him because there’s still that wall. The friendzone wall. And it’s definitely sturdier than The Walls (sup, Attack of Titan fans).

I think this is why I end up dating terrible guys because here I am with a guy that is such boyfriend material, but I refuse to acknowledge him past the status of friends because he’s not my type. I do pity anyone in the friendzone right now. It’s a challenge to overcome the wall, but I do plead you guys to please be like the dam Titans and break the walls to pieces so girls like me wont be able to ignore you anymore.

What would you do to get out of the friendzone?



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