5 Reasons I Don’t Want To See Him Anymore

There are many reasons why a girl will no longer want to see a guy she’s been dating. Whether it’s a guy she’s been seeing for a week , or even one who she’s been with for years, a girl can suddenly just drop a guy and never want to see his face again. In my case, I’ve been seeing a guy for three months now. We are in a non-exclusive relationship, but no, we are not just fwb (friends-with-benefits) either. I have found myself feeling disinterested in Andrew (the guy I’m currently dating) and no longer am excited to see him. I haven’t seen Andrew for over a week due to his training out of the city. He recently came back, and I have not an ounce of  inclination to suggest meeting up. After thinking about it this past few days, I’ve come up with reasons to my detachment. Here are my top 5 reasons to why I don’t want to see the guy I’m dating:

1. Boring Text Conversations

I hate our text conversations. I HATE THEM. They’re so dull and mundane. His texts don’t interest me in any way, and they’re so difficult to respond back to. His texts are so predictable…he’s predictable. He usually will ask me how my day is, and I would tell him the most interesting points of my day so he has something to feed off of. However, I feel like he honestly doesn’t care what I did because he would reply back “nice! :)” or “that’s awesome :)”, general answers with no effort. It makes me not want to tell him about my day when I know exactly what he’s going to reply back. Then, when I ask him about his day, again, I already know what he’s going to say, “Good. Just finished supper. Going to workout now”. Along those lines anyways, but it’s honestly the same thing over and over again. I don’t know, is he just a boring person? The way we’re texting right now does not make me look forward to seeing him. I don’t wish for crazy philosophical replies, but I just want conversations that have a little bit more substance.

2. No Commitment

Being in a non-exclusive relationship, I don’t take the relationship as seriously, nor do I want exert more effort than I need to. I used to put A LOT of effort in the beginning thinking it might go somewhere, but if you’ve read my other posts, you will be aware why Andrew and I’s relationship will not go anywhere. So we are forever in this state of no titles, but we are still going on dates. But no, we are not just fuckbuddies; I’m not his 2 am booty call (efff that). We are actually going on legit dates, and we don’t fuck everytime we see each other; however, due to the fact that I know he’s not my boyfriend, I don’t prioritize him over my friends, and I wouldn’t feel hurt if we simply don’t see each other anymore.

3. Not My Type

From the start I knew he wasn’t my type. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not ugly at all. He’s pretty cute with a FINE body. So there definitely is a physical attraction. However, he really doesn’t fit MY type. As shallow as it sounds, he’s not someone I would proudly want to show off to my friends. Why I’m dating him? He has a nice personality; a gentleman. He treats me better than any guys I’ve dated. But, I just can’t seem to be satisfied because he’s not what I’m exactly looking for, and it’s really hard to settle.

4. Don’t See Each Other Often

He’s a very busy person compare to me. Andrew works 5 days a week and works out 3 times a day. We find it hard to make time for each other during the day, so we usually meet up late nights when there really isn’t anything to do aside from watching movies at a theatre or going to a bar. So our time together isn’t really that exciting. On average, we only see each other once a week right now. In the beginning, we would meet up two to three times a week. On one hand, I couldn’t care more to meet up, but on the other hand, I think that’s why I’m drifting away from him. The fact that I can tolerate not seeing him for long periods of time makes me feel like I would be okay not seeing him anymore.

5. My Low Self-Esteem

I gained weight. I’m definitely not as small as I used to be three months ago (blame it on unemployment, school, and rice). Andrew works out everyday. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Working out and being fit to him is important. I, on the other hand, hate working out. Anyways, long story short, I gain more fat everyday while he gains more muscle. I don’t want him to see me in such a slum state. Therefore, unless I lose 10 lbs, I don’t want to see him anytime soon. I don’t have the confidence to. Currently, I think this is the biggest factor to why I really don’t want to see him anymore.

Let me know some of your reason to why you wouldn’t want to see your significant other anymore. Thanks for reading!



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